Wild Praire H.O.G.


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You MUST be a member of National HOG® to belong to any local chapter. To join, simply bring your National HOG® card and $24 to the reception desk at Wild Prairie H-D® (or to the next chapter meeting) and fill out a brief application. That’s all you have to do to begin enjoying the fun and fellowship found in the Wild Prairie Chapter of HOG®. *

You can join National HOG® by calling 800-CLUB-HOG or visiting http://www.hog.com. Be sure to have your Harley-Davidson® or Buell motorcycle VIN number and credit card ready.

* The application for membership in a local chapter requests that you read the Annual Charter for Local HOG® Chapters. This document is available on the National HOG® website under the Members Only section. You will need to login as a national member on the http://www.hog.com website to find this document. Once logged-in, select “chapters” at top of page, then the Annual Charter is on the lower right of the light green box near center of page. 

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