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Harley Davidson announces plans for multiple electric motorcycles and even an electric bicycle

On the off chance that the name Harley Davidson invokes pictures in your mind of cowhide clad biker packs flying down a desert thruway while heaving deplete from their uproarious chrome channels, at that point maybe you would be wise to reconsider. As we revealed before this mid year, Harley Davidson is well on their approach to appearing their first electric cruiser which they are trusting will focus on a more youthful, more urban gathering of people – a market with which the brand urgently needs to succeed.

Also, now the organization seems, by all accounts, to be multiplying down on that responsibility by declaring another lineup of electric bikes while at the same time fleshing out their EV group with a string of new positions.

Harley Davidson's electric bike improvement has been known by the name Project LiveWire, however the organization trademarked the name Revelation regarding the undertaking prior this year, making it a decent wager that the new electric Harley will be known as the Revelation upon its last introduction.

The venture has been in advance for no less than 4 years, and has an anticipated discharge at some point one year from now.

As of late, the Milwaukee based cruiser organization unobtrusively added different open positions identified with electric vehicle tasks on the contracting page of their site, energizing theory that they are getting ready to grow the extent of their present EV venture.

The organization is as of now searching for an Electric Vehicle Lead Project Manager, a Developmental Services Engineer – Electric Vehicle, and additionally numerous Electric Vehicle Systems Engineers.

Now it appears that the speculation has been confirmed as Harley Davidson announced today multiple new electric motorcycle platforms that are in development over the next few years.

According to Harley Davidson’s Chief Operating Officer Michelle Kumbier:

“We’re going big in EV with a family of products that will range in size, power, as well as price. When you look at EV you know this is a whole new customer base that we are bringing in.”

In addition to Harley Davidson’s 2019 halo model, the LiveWire, two smaller and more affordable electric motorcycles are slated for 2021 and 2022.

Kumbier described these models as “more middleweight, if you will” and designed for “accessible power”.

Harley Davidson additionally plans to cover the lightweight electric cruiser advertise too, offering three distinct EVs intended to take into account a similar market presently ruled by electric bikes, mopeds and higher end electric bikes.

These three vehicles incorporate an utility bike, something that looks pretty much like a soil bicycle, and maybe most shockingly for the bar-and-shield bike organization, an electric-help bike.

The improvement of these five new EV stages won't be shabby for Harley Davidson, as the organization demonstrated with their speculation projections. They intend to spend around $150-$180M on electric vehicle advancement through 2022, which will add up to around of 33% of their aggregate working speculations.

The other 66% are comprised of interests in their center/little relocation gas-cruisers and moving their retail impression towards littler retail stores in urban settings rather than their customarily bigger rural dealerships.

Exact specifications for Harley Davidson’s new electric motorcycles and scooters and bikes have not yet been released. However, the company has indicated that they are shifting focus towards a new market including younger and more urban riders, which could imply a somewhat lower range.

The first LiveWire idea bicycle had an electric scope of only 60 miles. That would put the new Harley electric bike well underneath some different contributions from Zero Motorcycles, which could be Harley Davidson's biggest rival in the electric vehicle showcase.

Electrek's Take

The way that Harley Davidson is betting everything on electric vehicles is very reassuring, if not maybe to some degree unsurprising. The organization has realized that the written work was on the divider throughout recent years with respect to their maturing gas bicycle ridership, and CEO Matt Levatich has not been bashful about conceding that the organization wants to forcefully move its outlook towards another age of more youthful, urban riders.

Without adjusting, the organization basically can't prevail in the long haul.

Be that as it may, I should state I'm charmingly shocked at the wide extent of Harley Davidson's designs throughout the following 4 years. While it was incredible to see the organization making improvement on only one e-moto, the LiveWire, I'm unquestionably eager to see that they are adequately dedicated to EV advancement to as of now be in the arranging stages for an extensive variety of two-wheeled electric vehicles.

By adding bikes and e-bicycles to their lineup, the organization is unquestionably moving far from their harsh, in-your-face picture of the past. On the off chance that they can rehash themselves as a powerhouse of American made, two-wheeled EVs that are both sensible and in any event decently reasonable, they just may stand a possibility at prevailing in what is rapidly turning into a swarmed EV advertise.

Link to article: https://electrek.co/2018/07/30/harley-davidson-is-expanding-its-ev-team/

Micah Toll

Micah Toll is a battery nerd, personal electric vehicle enthusiast and author of the books DIY Lithium Batteries, DIY Solar Power and the Ultimate DIY Ebike Guide.

You can send him tips at Micah@electrek.co


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